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Angola is situated in West Africa along the Atlantic Ocean, and Luanda is its capital. Luanda is 8º48´ South of the Equator and 13º14´ East of Greenwich. On its 4 th year of peace and with its second elections coming, Angola is a country of contrasts and unique opportunities. These opportunities are divided in business investments and tourism.

Angola has potential due to its rich history associated with its natural beauty in its 1650km of coast line, 4 hydrographical basins and 5 different types of nature zones. Characteristics like hospitality, gastronomy and great predisposition for musical and artistic events are peculiar to Angolans.

Charme Tours, with its decade of experience and its leadership in the market, offers a range of services that can be customised to the special requirements of its clients and client companies.

Our motto is: Charme Tours, for business and leisure!


Why Angola?


Oil – Industry that controls de Angolan economy, where exploration is present both onshore and offshore. High tech is now being used in the ultra-deep waters.

Diamonds and other minerals – Another sector where there is strong investment due to the availability of high quality minerals.

Fishing and Agriculture – Due to the huge extent of the coast, river distribution and ocean currents upwelling this sector has great potential.

Hotels and Tourism – Angola’s geography provides pristine spots for tourism. The relative volume of business visitors needs to be explored by offering them accommodation solutions and services.

Public Works and Construction – In the Angola’s recent history, little or no investment was done in its infrastructure. Huge investments are needed in this sector.


Craft, Music and Dance – Angola is a country of contrasts but rich in what regards craft, music and dance.

Hospitality and gastronomy – Due to the quality of products coming from the long coast, rivers and agriculture fields, tasteful local dishes are prepared. Dishes are prepared and eaten on a friendly fashion, a national characteristic.

Beaches and Rivers – With 1650km of coast and 4 hydrographical basins, Angola has pristine beaches and rivers to explore.

Game and fishing – With several National parks and reserves, hunt is still to be legalized. Meanwhile, fishing in Angola is internationaly recognised.



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